Microsoft Office 2003 Translations

The power of WorldLingo's translation services have been integrated into Microsoft Office 2003. All Office customers have access to WorldLingo's specialist online translation services, which provide translations for single words, phrases and entire documents using a unique combination of either fast machine translation or professional human translation. Read the full story.

1. To translate a word, phrase or sentence,

Select the text and right click and select that Translate option.

Screenshot showing context menus in Microsoft Word 2004

Your translation result will appear on the research task pane that opens on the right margin of the document screen.

Screenshot showing result in Research pane within Microsoft Word 2004

To translate a page click on the open document toolbar:

Tools -> Language -> Translate

2. From the research task pane that opens on the right margin of the document screen select the source and target languages in the drop-down boxes and select the green arrow button underneath the following text:

"Send document for translation over the Internet in un-encrypted HTML format". Your translation result will be returned to you formatted as HTML.

Screenshot showing toolbar menus in Microsoft Word 2004

For Word 2002 users only

Download the plugin to enable Microsoft Word 2002 to connect to translation services provided by WorldLingo

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