WorldLingo Partnership Program

WorldLingo works closely with a number of partners in the translation industry and other complimentary industries to deliver professional Internet translation solutions and multilingual e-commerce solutions.

WorldLingo offers a seamless integration of its translation technology to email service providers, portals, wireless applications and communications, and multilingual website management systems.

From added revenue and exponential user growth, WorldLingo provides a long list of benefits to any website and service.

Derive a new revenue stream

With WorldLingo, you can add value-rich premium services to your existing offering. This gives you the ability to increase revenue per user.

Increase traffic and membership base

WorldLingo can supply you with indispensable translations tools enabling you to add value to your site, helping you attract more users and boost customer loyalty.

Enhance site value while building brand equity

Through WorldLingo's rich customization possibilities, you can maintain your site's look and feel - WorldLingo partners deliver a valuable service to customers while enhancing brand awareness with their customers.

Gain competitive edge

A translation service is a firmly established communication tool demanded by an increasing number of customers. By adding this powerful functionality to your service, WorldLingo can provide you with a unique and marketable way to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Our partners include:

Language Weaver


Systran is one of the world's leading developers of Machine Translation engines and is making an increasing range of language pairs available to WorldLingo.

E Jaz

J Connect



The power of WorldLingo's instant translation service has been integrated into Microsoft Office. All Office customers will have access to instant translations for single words, phrases, and entire documents using a combination of either fast machine translation or professional human translation. WorldLingo's translation services is also available through Microsoft's Tools on the Web.




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