WorldLingo Quality Process

All standard translations pass through a two-tier level of translation - initial translation, proofreading and editing - to ensure cultural accuracy. Upon special request, WorldLingo can provide three and four levels of translation accuracy, through additional independent editors and reviewers to provide you with the highest possible linguistic quality in a current cultural context.

WorldLingo translators are selected based on their experience and special areas of expertise. Our thorough selection process ensures we deliver a service that meets with your expectations. As the global market becomes more competitive, WorldLingo understands the importance of communicating your message clearly.

Translation Process

We offer...

  • Fast, accurate document translations available worldwide - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year!
  • Experienced, native-speaking translators for over 141 languages
  • Translation progress reports available, and accessible on-line
  • Translation memory to save you time and money in the future
  • Translation Asset Management solutions to reduce costs and achieve faster turnaround times

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