Browser Translator FAQ

Why am I being asked to log into my WorldLingo account after installing/using the Browser Translator for the first time?

The Browser Translator service relies on the use of a "cookie" to ensure that you have an active subscription to the service. By logging in when prompted, a cookie will be created in your web browser that will allow you continuous access to your Browser Translator service for the duration of your annual subscription. As long as the cookie remains in your web browser Temporary Internet Files, you will not be prompted to log in again when accessing the Translate button.

The service still isn't working even though I tried logging into my WorldLingo account when the service prompted me. What's wrong?

Please make sure that you are allowing cookies to be created from the WorldLingo site. If your web browser security is set to a certain level, you may have to create an exception to allow the creation of a cookie by the WorldLingo site. In order to do so, please click on the "Tools" menu of your web browser, then Internet Options. On the "Privacy" tab, please click the "Sites" button. This will open a new window that will show you a list of all of the websites that you have either blocked cookies from or allowed. In the "Address of website" box, type "" (without the quotation marks) and click the "Allow" button. After you click on the "OK" button of the current window and the "Internet Options" window, your new setting should be saved. Please try the Translate button again and login when prompted. If you are still experiencing problems logging in, please contact us.

I installed the plug-in, but I can't find it in my web browser.

Please keep in mind that the Browser Translator service is only for Microsoft Internet Explorer web browsers. If you are using another web browser application, the plug-in will not work.

Once you have completed installation of the Browser Translator plug-in, you can access the service, even if the button does not display in your web browser menu bar. If you would like to translate the entire page that you are currently viewing, you can do so by either clicking on the "Tools" menu in the upper right corner of your browser and selecting the "Translate Page" option, or by right-clicking on any section of the web page and selecting the "Translate Page with" option.

Why isn't the webpage that I am on being translated?

Unfortunately, while the Browser Translator service will successfully translate a majority of the websites that you visit, it is not guaranteed to work for all websites. There will be some websites or webpages that you may visit that the service cannot translate.

Why am I being kicked out of my account after I just logged into my account on

If you are trying to use the Browser Translator service while trying to access your account on any given website, the service may be blocked because of the security of the website that you are on. Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure that the service will work in these cases.

Why is there another web browser window opening when I try to use the Browser Translator?

Depending on which version of Microsoft Internet Explorer you are using, the service may require that a new web browser window be opened to conduct the translation. Unfortunately, if this is the case, there is no way to tell the service to use the same web browser window that you are currently on.

My antivirus software said that the Browser Translator tool is malware. Is it safe?

There are many antivirus/antimalware programs on the market, and all of them have different levels of sensitivity. Your security program may be listing the Browser Translator as malware just because it does not recognize it in its virus/malware definitions.

Why is my web browser telling me that there is a cross scripting warning when I try to use the Word/Sentence/Paragraph translation?

You are probably seeing this because you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8. Unfortunately, because of the way that the plug-in is currently configured, you will not be able to use the Word/Sentence/Paragraph Translate feature.

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Browser Translator FAQ

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