Translation API Features

Key Features

  • A Web-based translation interface for centralized administration and maintenance.
  • Over 150 possible language pair combinations from 13 key languages
  • Over 2.5 million words and idiomatic expressions.
  • 20 specialized dictionaries for context-sensitive translations.
  • Customizable User Dictionaries for specialist terminology.

Key Benefits

  • Best-of-breed technology
    The WorldLingo Translation API solution incorporates best-of-breed machine translation with real-time quoting technology for professional human translation support.
  • Integration
    WorldLingo's translation technology and tools can be easily integrated into any existing web or wireless application.
  • Customization
    The WorldLingo Translation API solution integrates seamlessly into your current web application and allows your site to maintain its look and feel and preserve brand integrity.
  • Reliable
    WorldLingo maintains high speed Internet connections and aims to deliver an annual 99.9% uptime with its cluster of high performance servers.
  • Secure
    The WorldLingo Translation API solution offers SSL option for customers interested in secure sessions.
  • Support
    WorldLingo offers phone and email support.

Who uses the API?

  • Web portals looking to increase the activity of their visitors and customers.
  • Search engines who wish to enable their users the ability to access a variety of non-English web pages.
  • Corporations needing inter-language communication tools on their corporate Intranet to communicate with international offices and to translate foreign documents.
  • Wireless service providers looking to differentiate their offerings while increasing loyalty and usage.
  • Application Service Providers looking for ways to enhance their service offerings in order to grow their business and increase their sales.

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