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WorldLingo Machine Translation

Great news for anybody needing instant translation of large documents! Today WorldLingo will launch a new service providing customers with industry leading Machine Translation of documents from just $1.00!

For years WorldLingo has been providing users with free Machine Translations of documents containing 500 words or less and whist we're committed to continuing to provide this ever popular service we are responding to those customers who wanted to be able to get much larger translations.

The new service is entirely online, upload your document, provide your details and hey presto in next to no time you're translation will be ready, not only that, but the translation will be available to you 30 days so you'll have plenty of time to come and get it.

The new service will cover all of our 33 languages and if your document is in the newer XML format you'll get a translation in the same format as the original.

We know the document translator will be popular and we'd like to thank all of our customers who asked for it. Please keep those suggestions coming in and we'll continue to provide the products and services you want.

The WorldLingo team.