News - World Cup fever hits WorldLingo...

As you can imagine being a translation company we have staff from many different countries and the World Cup buzz is getting difficult to contain, if you're anything like us you will have been reading blogs and posts about the different teams and if you haven't there's no better time to dive into local sites, blogs, tweets etc to see just what they're saying in France, or Germany, or Brazil.

We're expecting the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to create a big increase in demand for free translations and with capacity of around a billion words a day we're more than ready to assist you.

If you see a blog or some text and want to translate it simply go to the Free Text Translation page.

Want to translate a document, please go to the Free Document Translation page.

If you're a blogger and want to add translation to your blog, give us your details and we'll give a free blog translator, go to: page.

Need to email people and language is a barrier, use the free email translation.

And finally if you see a website about the World Cup and you need to translate it so you can read it, this is just the ticket: Free Website Translation.

So whether it's football or soccer and you support USA, Russia, England, Australia, Germany, or any of the countries, WorldLingo will help you translate and communicate every step of the way.