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You may have noticed that Microsoft Office have just added another translation option alongside the languages offered by WorldLingo. There are some new languages and depending on the language pair you want the default will be either WorldLingo or the Microsoft Translator Service. For those of you who have asked how to change back to WorldLingo, here's what you do:

  • From the research pane select Translation options... This will open a new pane that shows available language pairs at the top and provider options at the bottom;
  • Scroll down to the language pair you want;
  • Click the down arrow and select WorldLingo from the two options available;
  • Click OK. You're now back to where you were before the change.

Of course we knew the more than one million translations we provide to Microsoft Office users every day were well received but I've been staggered by the number of people who have called the office about this.

Finally, whether you get your free translations from our site or from MS Office you can be sure we'll continue to provide the service and features you want.


Martin Pratt
CEO, WorldLingo.

P.S. for a more detailed description of what to do, including screen shots, please go here: