Localization of home page and free tools

With the launch of the new website and the enhancement to the free tools we’ll shortly be translating the site in much the same way as we did with the earlier iterations. Free tools for translations of e-mail, texts, and websites, have all had their translation limits increased from 150 words per translation to 500 words per translation, plus we’ve added a document translator that preserves formatting in translations.

Increasing translation limits for free services during this time of economic uncertainty is one more way that WorldLingo is helping individuals and businesses communicate without adding to their costs. We’re sure WorldLingo’s 10 million plus users will appreciate this news.

Multilingual Archive

Knowledge is Power, never truer than today. Here at WorldLingo we’ve been quietly and diligently working away looking at knowledge repositories and data sources that although highly useful and informative are unlikely to ever be translated from their original languages. Well that’s all about to change, starting during the summer 2009 WorldLingo will begin rolling out a fully searchable, completely free to use archive of material that we’ve translated. As things progress we hope you’ll provide feedback and where appropriate suggest materials that we should translate and make available. Knowledge is Power, making it freely available is what WorldLingo is going to do.

Free API

The WorldLingo Translation API has been in use by hundreds of businesses, governments, NGOs and charities right across the world. Always free to charities, we will shortly be making the API free to anyone that wants to use it, there will of course be a reasonable use agreement and translations will be capped at 500 words per translation, but we believe that in today’s economy putting such a well tried and tested API in the hands of developers who might otherwise have struggled to find a reliable translation provider is yet another practical way that WorldLingo can help us all recover.

To the many organizations out there who need more than 500 words per translation, rest assured that WorldLingo will continue to sell and support any translation size up-to and including unlimited translations. Speak to us today if you need to get more done.