WorldLingo and Skweezer combine to overcome Language and Geography Barriers

WorldLingo Translations, the leading provider of online language translation services, will have its best of breed machine translation services available on the mobile web, following the formation of a partnership between Greenlight Wireless Corporation and WorldLingo.

The service will be available on Greenlight Wireless Corporation's Skweezer® service, allowing customers to translate web content from their mobile phones.

WorldLingo and Skweezer's new translation feature will be the World's first free, globally accessible translation service for the mobile Web. The new component allows a user to translate any Web page into 13 possible languages, including Japanese, Korean, and Russian. The 13 languages offered cover over 90% of the languages that website content is presented in.

WorldLingo CEO, Martin Pratt, says he is delighted to form a partnership with Greenlight, as it enables WorldLingo to satisfy a growing need of its customers.

"Our customers have always expressed that they require the ability to access our web translation service from anywhere in the world," Mr. Pratt said.

"By providing web translations on mobile phones and PDAs, people are not restricted by the need to access computers, which can be difficult in some countries."

This view is shared by Kevin Perkins, CEO of Greenlight Wireless.

"The addition of this new feature was prompted by a recent survey of Skweezer customers and wireless carriers working with Greenlight Wireless," Mr. Perkins said.

"Both groups, especially those representing countries in South America and Europe, described a need to regularly access content in a non-native language while away from their desktop computer."

Mr Pratt said Greenlight is an ideal partner for WorldLingo, as it shares a common goal of continually adapting to customer's changing needs as Internet technologies advance.

"Skweezer is a leader in wireless technology, and their focus on innovation is highlighted by the fact that they are providing the first translation feature for web browsing."

About WorldLingo

WorldLingo is a leading innovator and provider of translation and localization services and technology. WorldLingo continues to advance Internet translation with new technologies and features designed to provide a seamless experience for consumers. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and with offices in the UK and Australia, WorldLingo has a rich history of innovation and provides over 5 million real-time translations each month for businesses ranging from SMEs to large multinationals and local and national government departments and organizations around the globe.

WorldLingo's combines the acuracy of human translation, and the cost effectiveness of machine translation, to provide a wide range of translation solutions (email, website, chat, and document translations).

About Greenlight Wireless

Greenlight Wireless is a leading innovator of wireless technologies, providing ASP and server-component solutions for enterprise-level businesses and wireless carriers. Greenlight Wireless' consumer-oriented Skweezer service optimizes Web content for handheld devices and other hardware platforms, providing a richer browsing experience and adding value to dial-up and wireless data offerings.

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