WorldLingo's affiliates reach a large net audience

Online language translator WorldLingo is offering an innovative affiliate program that will provide a substantial revenue stream for all participants and allow them to reach a larger net audience.

WorldLingo, a specialized translation agency focused on e-commerce and Internet communications, offers clients free on-line machine translation software, and a staff of specialist language translators, which will improve the machine translation if required.

WorldLingo's Chairman Phil Scanlan said affiliates who sign up with the program receive free software that allows them to target a world audience.

Recent research from Forrester has emphasized the need for businesses to communicate in languages other than English.

Forrester Research predicts that by 2005 less than a third of Internet users will be able to speak English.

"This will make it vital for businesses who use the Internet to be translation capable if they want to gain International clients," Mr. Scanlan said.

Michael Putnam, from Forrester Research, said up to 46% of businesses turn away international orders because they do not have the processes in place to translate them.

It has also found that if you speak in your customers native tongue, they are three times more likely to establish a business relationship.

Worldlingo's software allows web surfers to translate the affiliate's site into their own language.

Mr. Scanlan said as well as helping affiliate's communicate to customers, Worldlingo will also provide "statistics of what languages affiliate's pages were translated into."

"This gives you an indication of what foreign languages to have your site localized to and when."

A generous referral fee is also given to affiliates when they send customers who subsequently order professional human translations.

Affiliates can send customers either by placing a link, banner, or Website Translators on their website or email mailing list.

Mr. Scanlan said affiliates will receive a commission of up to 12 percent, with additional bonuses based on the volume generated from clients referred from the their website.

"The commission we pay you is not just for the first translation, it is continually given to affiliates who provide WorldLingo with customers," Mr. Scanlan said.

"Once a client you referred requests a human translation, then you get the same commission every time that client requests another human translation."

Mr. Scanlan said that due to the magnitude of some of the human translation jobs, affiliates stand to gain a significant source of revenue.

"Translation jobs can be quite large and worth tens of thousands of dollars."

"A few clients like this and you will have a very healthy income."

WorldLingo has different affiliate commission level that depends on the type of link provided.

The Affiliates can use a branded link, or an unbranded link to WorldLingo.

The commission for the branded link is 12 percent, while the unbranded link provides a commission of six percent.

Shareware affiliates will receive a 12 percent commission.

Mr. Scanlan said WorldLingo's additional bonus for affiliates makes the program very attractive.


About WorldLingo

WorldLingo is a leading provider of integrated, online translation solutions. The company's services range from cost effective machine translation solutions, to professional human translation and culturally sensitive localization. A global network of over 5,000 professional translators produces human translations. WorldLingo also offers unique, real-time translation solutions for two-way email and instant messaging. These solutions make it easy for businesses and professionals to interact with internal and external multilingual audiences anywhere in the world. By combining accurate and cost effective translation, WorldLingo is taking great strides towards breaking down language barriers in the world of commerce.

WorldLingo produces thousands of translations every day. Clients include AT&T, Sony, Eli Lilly, Belkin, Cadbury Schweppes, Qualcomm, Priceline, and Tribal DDB. WorldLingo is also an official supplier of translation services to the European Union. In addition, Microsoft has integrated WorldLingo's technology into Office XP and Word 2002. WorldLingo is a global organisation with offices in the US, Australasia and Europe.

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