Text Translator

Deliver real-time translation services with the Text Translator

As more and more businesses and individuals involve themselves in global communications, translation tools have become a highly sought-after commodity. What if you were to capitalize on this rapid trend towards globalization? The Text Translator is the perfect draw-card to bring visitors to your site and keep them there.

  • Easy-to-use and install technology
  • Instant on-the-fly translation
  • Communicate in languages spoken by over 90% of Internet users
  • Value add your website and increase your traffic and site stickiness
  • Ideal solution for content providers and portals
  • Combines Human & Machine Translation in one easy to use interface
  • Streamlines submissions for Professional Translations
  • Ideal for Intranets
  • Custom solutions to suit your needs
  • Secure service prevents unauthorized use of your Text Translator.

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