Email Translator

Fast and seamless email translation

WorldLingo brings you the perfect solution for fast, efficient and cost effective email translation. The Email Translator is a turnkey enterprise quality Machine Translation solution that gives you the ability to send and receive multilingual email in seconds.

WorldLingo's unique 2-way Email Translator

Many email translation solutions are often restricted to one-way communication. With WorldLingo, we offer you the latest technology in fast bi-directional (BiDi) email solutions, so the foreign email you send out can be seamlessly replied to by the receiver. We act as the translation engine, through which your email passes on the way to and from your oversea's correspondent.

Choosing the right email solution for you

WorldLingo offers you a number of email solutions depending on your specific needs. The core technology we provide to enable 2-way email communication is the same. However, the way you implement it or offer the service to your customers can vary. All levels offer the popular Email Form as the vessel or medium to deliver the technology. This appears as an HTML based form, which can be added to your website, Intranet or desktop.

Web based Email Translator

WorldLingo also offers an Email Translation Form that you can place on your website. It has the similar functionality as the form on our website, but for convenience and the ability to increase your web traffic, you can place it on your own site.

Desktop based Email Translator

WorldLingo also offers a HTML file you can save to your computer. Any time you are online, you can open this file, and a Email Translation Form will open in your preferred web browser.

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